Employing a lawyer’s services can be a good choice considering that you are a stranger to the whole Thai process in having a marriage registered in Thailand.

Translating the documents is vital and if you have Thai documents, your lawyer in Thailand will be a good and dependable translator of the entries on these legal documents.

Your lawyer in Thailand will eventually prove to be essential as he can help you in obtaining and complying with the needed legal documents and proceeding with the process in registering your marriage in accordance to Thai law.

What are the requirements?

For Foreigners:

  • Certification that one or both are free to marry
  • Passport
  • Divorce or death certificate if previous marriage was concluded by divorce or death of the spouse

For Thais:

  • Household Registration Certificate
  • Passport or National Identification Card
  • Divorce or Death Certificate if previous marriage was concluded by divorce or death of the spouse.
  • Change of Name Certificate if the name of the individual has been previously changed.
Marriage Registration Process

Secure a certificate of freedom to marry or affirmation that you are free to marry (official document name varies per issuing embassy/consulate) at your embassy or consulate in Thailand. Also, the process and duration of obtaining the said document will also vary.

Your certificate of affirmation should then be translated from your official language to Thai as government offices in Thailand officially use the Thai language.

Submit your translated documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and have them officially certified and legalized so that you can use them in the Kingdom. The Foreign Ministry will also issue a certification that the individual or both couples are allowed to marry anywhere in Thailand.

Register your legal documents with the Amphur in Thailand where the registering officer will then issue you your marriage certificate in Thai. You will need to have it translated and legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once officially translated and legalized, it will be binding and will be recognized in other countries around the world.