Establishing Your Business in Thailand

The outlook for a foreign business entity to conduct business in Thailand is not really bleak though as there are ways to address such restrictions and to give emphasis, these ways are set by the Thai government through a law or a treaty without the possibility of entertaining thoughts of circumventing Thai laws.

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    Court For Tourists In Thailand

    As Non-Immigrant Visa holders, a lot of these foreigners were not able to seek justice because their stay in Thailand were limited while such cases can last from weeks to months on end. Coming back for to attend a hearing would be deem by many of them as not practical anymore because they had to spend a lot of money for their regular travels to and from Thailand for their testimonies to be heard. This sad reality brings negative feedbacks for Thailand that can cause a decline in the arrival of tourists in the country and if ever this scenario will happen, the local as well as the national economy can suffer too as a lot of services and businesses are aimed to cater the needs of these tourists.

    Marriage in Thailand

    Translating the documents is vital and if you have Thai documents, your lawyer in Thailand will be a good and dependable translator of the entries on these legal documents.

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